Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensor

Panasonic's Grid-EYE® is an 8x8, 64 pixel Infrared Array Sensor. The Grid-EYE Sensor offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values. A built-in lens includes a 60-degree viewing angle and features a compact SMD design using MEMS thermopile technology.

Applications for the Grid-EYE® Sensor include human detection, people counting, thermal mapping, digital signage, security, lighting control, kiosk/ATM, medical imaging, automatic doors, robotics, and much more.

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Grid-EYE® for Human Detection Applications

The Grid-EYE® Sensor can detect temperature distribution in a two-dimensional area without contact in retail stores, shopping malls, offices, and many other human detection applications. The Grid-EYE® Sensor works in tandem with software to identify the number and position of people based on their body temperature, outputting a thermal data image and recognizes where appropriate distancing or density is or isn't maintained. Learn more about how the Grid-EYE® Sensor is used in human detection applications in Panasonic's New Video!

Retail Stores

Shopping Malls


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