PAN1323, PAN1325A/PAN1315A, PAN1326/1316, PAN1327/1317 Series Evaluation Kits - NRFND

The PAN1323, PAN1325A/1315A, PAN1326/1316, PAN1327/1317 Series have been Not Recommended For New Design. Please consult Panasonic Not Recommended For New Design Product Notice For PAN1760, PAN1327/1317, PAN1326/1316, PAN1323, PAN1325A/1315A, PAN1325B/1315B, PAN1555/1455 Series and Evaluation Kits NRFND.PG15.07.09.2018 for Affected Part Numbers.

The PAN1323 Evaluation Kit (ENW89819AZKF) is compatible with PAN1323, PAN1325A/PAN1315A, PAN1326/PAN1316, PAN1327/PAN1317 Series Bluetooth® RF Modules which are based upon Texas Instrument’s CC256x integrated circuits and use a host controlled interface (HCI). The PAN1323 Evaluation Kit provides three popular standards: Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™.

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