PAN1026EMK Series Experimenter Kit - PDN

Dual Mode, Place and Play Bluetooth® Module

The PAN1026 Series is being discontinued by Panasonic. Last time buy date is August 24, 2020.  Please consult Panasonic PAN1026, PAN1760, PAN1760A Series and Evaluation Kits Product Discontinuation Notice PDN.PG15.2.18.2020 for Affected Part Numbers.

The PAN1026EMK Experimenter Kit is a development tool for the PAN1026 Series Place and Play Bluetooth® Module. The PAN1026EMK Experimenter Kit supplements Panasonic’s evaluation kit (EVAL_PAN1026) by emulating an application environment where a Bluetooth RF module is controlled by an external processor, an environment that reduces both software and hardware development time. This kit is for Design Engineers using Panasonic’s PAN1026 Series Bluetooth® Multi Mode RF Module with embedded Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stacks and profiles and based on Toshiba’s TC35661, baseband controller and ARM7TDMI CPU SOC. Check Stock on the PAN1026EMK Evaluation Kit!

More About the PAN1026 Series

Panasonic’s Bluetooth dual mode, place and play RF module, the PAN1026 Series featuring an embedded ARM processor, Bluetooth 4.0, serial port profile (SPP), command set API and integrated antenna. This cost-engineered solution is based on a single chip solution that integrates an ARM processor with a Bluetooth controller. Bluetooth 4.0 combines the data rate of Bluetooth Classic (3Mb/s) and ultra-fast connection time of Bluetooth Low Energy (3mS).


  • Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • Industrial Temperature Range, -40 to +85°C
  • High Sensitivity: -88dbm
  • Output Power: 4dbm

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