Evaluation Kits: PAN1740 Experimenter Kit

PAN1740 Experimenter Kit design engineers Panasonic

The EVAL_PAN1740EMK Experimenter Kit is ideal for software developers who want total control of software development and the ability to monitor the application’s power consumption. The kit consists of a Dialog Pro motherboard and three PAN1740 daughter boards. The kit exposes all of the module’s GPIOs and an integrated SEGGER chip gives complete debugging capability. Dedicated onboard circuitry allows, in combination with Dialog’s complete software environment SmartSnippets™, profiling and fine tuning of the application power consumption to fully utilize the PAN1740’s attributes.


  • OTP Programming
    • ​Supports
      ​Dialog's Keil compiler projects
      "Connection Manager"
      "Smart Snippets" including Power Profiler
    • Serial Flash
Part Number Description Series Number
ENW-89846AVKF PAN1740 Experimenter Kit PAN1740EMK
ENW-89846AWKF PAN1740 Daughter Board PAN1740DB