PAN1760A Series Evaluation Kit - PDN

The PAN1760A Series is being discontinued by Panasonic. Last time buy date is August 24, 2020.  Please consult Panasonic PAN1026, PAN1760, PAN1760A Series and Evaluation Kits Product Discontinuation Notice PDN.PG15.2.18.2020 for Affected Part Numbers.

The PAN1760A Evaluation Kit (ENW89847AWKF) is an all-inclusive and comprehensive Evaluation Kit. The USB dongle allows the user to develop, run and debug the code. The break-out headers, provide the user an easy way to connect Sensors, as well as other devices for a rapid prototyping. Check Stock on PAN1760A Evaluation Kit!

More about the PAN1760A Series

Next Generation Bluetooth® RF Module Features Extremely Low Power Bluetooth Low Energy SoC For Advanced IoT Designs

The PAN1760A Series is a groundbreaking low power BLE device, offering years of operation using only a CR2032 Battery for simple, prompt and sound IoT designs. With ample amount of RAM and embedded flash, as well as simple-to-use programming interface, utilizing AT commands, designing the PAN1760A Series into any IoT device is an easy task, saving resources and time to market.

The PAN1760A Module benefits from a peak power consumption of only 3.3mA in Tx and Rx mode, enabling advanced wireless functionalities in IoT, medical, and industrial applications without compromising Battery life. Mandatory and optional Bluetooth 4.2 features are supported. The PAN1760A Series offers superior BLE functionalities such as MESH, extended MTU, LE Secure Connections, along with comprehensive GATT service and profiles, all without compromising Battery life. The PAN1760A offers out-of-the-box ease of use, with AT-Commands.

In Stand-Alone mode, with 256 kB flash memory and at least 83 kB RAM for user application, the PAN1760A can be used for many applications without the need for an external processor, saving cost, complexity and space. The existing PAN1760, PAN1761, and PAN1026 RF Modules share the same footprint, thus migrating from these devices requires only minor code changes. Previously developed software (Bluetooth Low Energy profiles and applications) can be easily migrated with a minimal effort. FCC, IC, and CE approval are in preparation.

Features and Benefits

  • Embedded 256 kB flash memory and 192 kB internal RAM (83 kB RAM for user application)
  • UART, SPI & I2C interface, PWM output, ADC (both external and internal), programmable I/O

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