RF Modules For Medical Applications

Ready-To-Use Modules With Bluetooth Technology Built-In.

Panasonic builds RF Modules for the Medical, Utility and Automotive industries. Design engineers in these markets demand that products be available for up to 25 years. With nearly 100 years in business, over 50 years in high frequency products and 15+ years in RF Modules, Panasonic is one of the only manufacturers that has the commitment, ability and history to provide customers with the stability of a 90 billion dollar enterprise to assure long product life.

In addition, Panasonic commits to maintain a constant module footprint, to give designers assurance that as silicon evolves the RF Module's interface will remain the same, for as long as customers purchase the Module in production volume.

Popular RF Module Medical Applications

Glucose Monitor

Bluetooth® connectivity in Glucose Monitors allows patients to move data to nearly all smartphone devices. This allows secure data sharing with healthcare providers and data storage to discover trends and develop relationships between diet, exercise and caloric intake.

Glucose Pumps

Glucose Pumps connected to Glucose Monitors create a closed loop system to continuously monitor glucose levels and administrate insulin. Adding Bluetooth® connectivity eliminates wires between Sensors, Controllers and Pumps, and improves system reliability by eliminating broken wires, ultimately improving the patient’s quality of life.