RF Modules For Medical Applications

Ready-To-Use RF Modules With Bluetooth And Mesh Networking Technology Built-In In A Constant Footprint Size.

Panasonic builds RF Modules for Medical Device Solutions. Design engineers in the Medical market demand that products be available for longer lifetimes than those for industrial or consumer applications. With nearly 100 years in business, over 50 years in high frequency products and 15+ years in RF Modules, Panasonic is one of the only manufacturers that has the commitment, ability and history to provide customers with the stability of a large corporate enterprise to assure long product life.

In addition, Panasonic commits to maintain a constant Module footprint, to give designers assurance that as silicon evolves the RF Module's interface will remain the same, for as long as customers purchase the Module in production volume.

Panasonic's RF Module Technologies Include:


Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Combo

Mesh Networking


Panasonic Wireless Connectivity RF Module Solutions are designed in to a wide variety of electronic Medical Devices.

Partner with Panasonic for prioritized Medical Device design-in assistance.  We're here to help Where Technology Meets Humanity!