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PhotoMOS® CC TSON 1 Form B Semiconductor Relays

Low Current and High Temperature in a Miniature Thin Slim Outline Non-lead Package 

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, announces the PhotoMOS® CC Semiconductor Relay with a super small TSON package, an oscillation circuit, and a built-in capacitor coupled isolation driver IC. These PhotoMOS CC Relays are the latest version of this technology, which now is available as a 1 Form B, customarily closed, contact arrangement. The PhotoMOS CC TSON 1 Form B Relay differs from traditional PhotoMOS products, which use an optically coupled isolation and the current driving method.

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New Product Introduction Video: PHOTOMOS CC TSON 1 FORM B

Other PhotoMOS® Relay Solutions

PhotoMOS for Reed Relay Replacement

Reed Relay Alternatives Blog Post

Learn how to increase reliability by changing Reed Relays to PhotoMOS. Reed Relays, including Mercury Reed Relays, dominated the market until the introduction of Solid-State devices. In the tester market, there is a growing trend to replace Reed Relays with PhotoMOS Relay solutions to increase long-term performance and reliability. Solid State Relays excel in reliability; the absence of physical contact to provide isolation of the electrical signal causes leakage current. Panasonic's "T-circuit" design significantly reduces leakage current. A solution that uses three separate PhotoMOS Relays to create a circuit optimized for reducing leakage current and maximizing isolation at a high frequency.

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Panasonic PhotoMOS® Relays are MOSFET-enabled Solid State Relays featuring low off-state leakage current and stable on-resistance over the component lifetime. Low CxR values, high optical isolation between input and output, and DC and AC / DC load ratings. MOSFET drivers are available in SSOP, SOP 4-pin, and DIP 6-pin.