Designing a Reliable Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU)

Quality Components are Essential for Reliable Operation of a Battery Disconnect Unit

Innovative Battery Management System Components from Panasonic

Panasonic is proud to be at the forefront of developing advanced safety and high-quality components for the automotive industry including battery disconnect units (BDU) and Battery Management Systems (BMS). To ensure reliable and efficient operation, Panasonic Industry provides robust EV relays (DC contactors), automotive-grade passive components, and connectors for designing sophisticated control circuitry and precise monitoring systems that the BDU and BMS require. EV relays are responsible for opening and closing the circuit between the battery and the vehicle, while the control circuitry ensures proper sequencing and timing of the disconnection process. The monitoring systems provide real-time feedback on the status of the battery and the disconnection process.

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Compact Design with High DC Cutoff Relays

Cutting-Edge Automotive Relays

Introducing the cutting-edge EV-A Series Automotive Relay from Panasonic, a global leader in Relay Products. This innovative 250A @ 500V DC Contactor boasts a remarkably compact and lightweight design, making it a standout choice for high voltage DC applications. With an impressive 8,000A short circuit current rating and a high cut-off capability of 1,800A @ 500VDC, this Automotive Relay is ideal for Electric Vehicles and DC Charging Stations. Trust Panasonic to deliver reliability and performance in the automotive industry.

Thin Film Chip Resistors, High Voltage Type

Experience high reliability with our thin film series resistors, engineered to excel under extreme conditions. With a temperature range of -55°C to +155°C and stability at 85°C 85% RH rated load these resistors offer steadfast performance in harsh environments. Panasonic's thin-film process ensures high accuracy, with low resistance tolerance and temperature coefficient, resulting in superior performance with low current noise and excellent linearity, while our unique durable design provides high ESD resistance, guaranteed at 4 kV. The thin film resistors feature high resistance to sulfurization, and comply with IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8, JEITA RC-2134V, AEC-Q200, and RoHS standards.

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ERA-2V Series Thin Film Resistor

Powering Reliability: Panasonic's Hybrid Capacitors for Battery Disconnect Units (BDU)

Hybrid Capacitors

Unmatched Endurance and High-Temperature Performance for Automotive Safety and Stability

Panasonic's cutting-edge Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are engineered to excel in the most demanding conditions. With an endurance of 2,000 hours at 145°C, these high-temperature capacitors offer unparalleled performance in high engine temperature environments, ensuring safety and reliability. Featuring a nominal capacitance range of 10µF up to 1000µF and voltage ranges from 25VDC up to 80VDC, these capacitors deliver exceptional functionality across a wide spectrum of automotive applications. Their low ESR, high ripple current, and AEC-Q200 compliance make them the ideal choice for power and battery decoupling, input/output filtering in power converters and voltage regulators, and clock circuitry. With an operating temperature range of -55°C up to 145°C, these capacitors are designed to withstand extreme conditions, making them perfect for automotive, server, base station, and industrial PC applications. Trust in Panasonic's Hybrid Capacitors for unmatched endurance, reliability, and quality, ensuring optimal performance in critical automotive systems.

IP67 Rated, Sturdy Miniature Switches for Repeated Use

Discover the next level of miniaturization with our advanced switch technology. Our innovative design features 1 Form A and 1 Form B contacts, allowing for a 45% reduction in volume compared to our previous product, without compromising performance. The small size of our switches enables lever installation, providing versatility without sacrificing space. With operation made possible by various moving parts such as metal cams, our switches offer exceptional flexibility. Furthermore, the contact force remains consistent regardless of the operation stroke, ensuring high contact reliability to support low-level switching loads. Engineered for resilience, our switches feature highly effective sealing for resistance against adverse environments, boasting an IP67 rating. Experience silent operation with sliding contacts, delivering seamless functionality without compromise.

The ASQM and ASQMR series switches come in various actuator styles, including pin plunger, hinged lever, simulated roller lever, and leaf lever. They offer a tailored solution for various applications that need precise movements, enhanced safety features, and accurate control. The switches provide flexibility and reliability for diverse user requirements and ensure optimal performance in any environment.

Various terminal styles are available, including slim terminal, solder terminal, fork terminal, and wire leads, so you can choose the style that best suits your installation needs.

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Learn More about the Intricate Inner Workings of the ASQMR1 Series Switch With Integrated Resistor


Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Electromechanical Products, is pleased to announce the NEW ASQMR1 Series Seal Type Snap Action Switch! With a small profile of 8.95mm x 8.3mm x 5.3mm and an installed Resistor, the ASQMR1 Series contributes to device miniaturization and decreased weight by not requiring a separate Resistor on the board.