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Product Guide for AEC-Q200 Compliant Power Choke Coils

Panasonic’s ETQ-PM Series Metal Composite Type Power Choke Coils are suited for filter, step-down and step-up circuits for DC/DC converters. They are AEC-Q200 Compliant offering reliability when exposed to high temperatures along with a high tolerance to vibration.

Download Panasonic’s ETQ-PM Series Inductor Product Guide to learn more about these AEC-Q200 Compliant Metal Composite Type Power Choke Coils. This product guide covers features and benefits, such as acoustic noise reductions and low leakage flux, an explanation of part numbers, a selection guide and more. Find out how Panasonic parts compare to alternative products before designing power choke coils into your next application.

Looking for a full list of Panasonic AEC-Q200 compliant components? Download the AEC-Q200 Compliant Passive Components Selection Guide.

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