Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

High Endurance and High Ripple Current

Panasonic’s Hybrid Capacitors combine the benefits of Aluminum Electrolytic and Specialty Polymer Capacitors resulting in a Capacitor featuring high endurance, low-ESR, high tolerance for ripple current, inrush currents and elevated temperature. Hybrid Capacitors are known for their stable electric characteristics at high frequencies while maximizing reliability. These Hybrid Capacitors are compact, allowing significant board space savings and vibration-proof parts are also available.

Hybrid Capacitors for MLCC Replacement

The Hybrid Capacitor product line features many suggested MLCC Alternative Series, which include EEH-ZAEEH-ZC, EEH-ZEEEH-ZK, EEH-ZS, and EEH-ZF.

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