Board-to-Board Connectors: High Current Connectors

High Current Connectors design engineers Panasonic
high current connectors

Panasonic’s offering includes various High Current Board-to-Board Connectors suitable for applications that require a connection to a power source/battery. These High Current Connectors have low mated height profiles, high reliability, and are manufactured with Panasonic's Touch Contact technology. 

Line Up

Series/TypeData SheetImageBOARD-TO-FPC Connect typeTOUGH CONTACTBoard to FPCShort widthMated heightNo. of pinsRated current
B011112.4mm0.6mm/0.8mm6 contacts (Power contact and signal contact)3.0 A/pin (Power contact)
0.3 A/pin (Signal contact)
L2 Series (Wire connection type)n/an/an/an/a1.35mmn/aMax.3.0A
A35US with Power Terminal(0.35mm pitch)1112.2mm0.6mm10 to 703.0A/pin contact (Power terminal)
0.30A/pin contact (Signal terminal):Max. 5 A at total terminals
A35P(0.35mm pitch)1112.5mm0.8mm10 to 1001.5 A/pin contact x 4 pin contacts or
1.25 A/pin contact x 8 pin contacts (as power contact)
0.5 A/pin contact (as signal contact)
(Max. 12 A at total pin contacts)
B021112.2mm0.7mm8 contacts5.0A/pin contact (Power terminal)
0.3A/pin contact (Signal terminal)

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