Power Inductors For Automotive Applications

High Quality Heat Resistance with Upgraded Efficiency

Panasonic Power Choke Coils are one of the Surface Mount Power Inductors that offer high heat resistance, excellent DC bias characteristic, Hi-BS With Ferrous alloy magnetic material and great reliability at high temperatures with a high tolerance for vibration.

These Power Choke Coils also have very low audible noise and are extremely efficient with low DCR and eddy current loss reduction.

Features and Benefits of Power Inductors for Automotive Applications

  • Contribute To Miniaturization of ECU Power Circuits With Small Case Size And Higher Current Capability
  • Low Loss Characteristics Realize High Efficiency Of Power Circuit of ECU And Contribute To Simplify Thermal Design Process
  • Metal Composite Monolithic Structure Yields High Reliability ECU Design For Application In Severe Environmental Conditions
  • Heat Resistance:150℃/2000h
  • Vibration:5Hz-2kHz/30G
  • Metal Composite Monolithic Structure Provides For High Reliability.

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