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IC Testers/Test and Measurement Equipment Solutions

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) uses cutting edge automation technology to quickly measure and evaluate Integrated Circuits' test results. The unit undergoing testing is commonly known as Device Under Test (DUT). To make these systems more efficient and test complex circuits in a production environment, they need to be very fast, have clean signal switching, excellent temperature control, and make good thermal contact. Panasonic meets these challenges by offering various solutions that include our PhotoMOS® Solid-State Relays, Thermal Interface Materials, etc.

Automatic Testing Equipment Use Case Example for PhotoMOS® Relays


PhotoMOS® Relays strengthen and help secure measurement in semiconductor automatic test equipment (ATE) testing application. These devices are used to test semiconductor chips during manufacturing. PhotoMOS® is commonly used in this type of equipment to control the high-speed pulse and for the measurement signal inside the tester head. PhotoMOS® are suitable for these applications as they can control very low-level signals as well as high current signals while maintaining small leakage current and low noise properties. For use in the Functional Test Unit, which transmits a high-speed pulse, we recommend our Low On-Resistance PhotoMOS® to minimize losses. Next, we have the DC unit in which the measurements are being taken. For this, we recommend our Low output capacitance types for more accurate measurements. Lastly, there is the DC power supply unit, in which we recommend our higher capacity PhotoMOS® capable of switching larger loads required for the power supply unit.

Other PhotoMOS® Relay Solutions

PhotoMOS for Reed Relay Replacement

Reed Relay Alternatives Blog Post

Learn how to increase reliability by changing Reed Relays to PhotoMOS. Reed Relays, including Mercury Reed Relays, dominated the market until the introduction of Solid-State devices. In the tester market, there is a growing trend to replace Reed Relays with PhotoMOS Relay solutions to increase long-term performance and reliability. Solid State Relays excel in reliability; the absence of physical contact to provide isolation of the electrical signal causes leakage current. Panasonic's "T-circuit" design significantly reduces leakage current. A solution that uses three separate PhotoMOS Relays to create a circuit optimized for reducing leakage current and maximizing isolation at a high frequency.

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PhotoMOS® Parametric Search

Panasonic PhotoMOS® Relays are MOSFET-enabled Solid State Relays featuring low off-state leakage current and stable on-resistance over the component lifetime. Low CxR values, high optical isolation between input and output, and DC and AC / DC load ratings. MOSFET drivers are available in SSOP, SOP 4-pin, and DIP 6-pin.

IC Test Use Case Example for Thermal Management Solution

IC Tester Graphite TIM for IC Tester

Features and Benefits of GraphiteTIM


  • Thermal Resistance: 0.2Kcm²/W (600 kPa)
  • A Close Adherence Would Make the Product Fit Into the Uneven Part and Enhance Performance
  • Thermal Conductivity: X-Y Direction 400W/mK, Z Direction (30W/mK)
  • Compressibility: 40 % (600k Pa)
  • High and Long Term Reliability: Operating Temperature Range –55 to 400 °C
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Custom Cut Footprints For IGBT Modules From Major IGBT Manufacturers
  • Available In Standard Sized Sheets
  • Increased Heat Transfer Due To Better Fitting On Uneven Surfaces
  • Simple Procedure For Installation
  • Reduction In Labor Costs Due To Easy Installation
  • No Deformation Over Time
  • Low Maintenance
  • Increases The Lifetime and Reliability Of The IGBT Module

Tester/IC Testers Use Case Example for High Precision Resistor​s

IC Tester Resistor Image

More About Thin and Thick Film Resistors for IC Testers

The ERA-xV and ERA-xK Series Resistors provide design engineers with a wide array of Resistors to choose from specifically developed to handle extremely hazardous and challenging application environments. The AEC-Q200 qualification of the ERA-xV and ERA-xK Series ensures that these Resistors are meeting the most stringent quality standards in the industry. These parts have met the requirements for AEC-Q200 HBM electrostatic discharge test (AEC-Q200-002 HBM Level 1c and above) making them durable to ESD events.


The ERJ-PB Series Resistors are best for applications requiring a high precision Resistor with higher power. The ERJ-PB Series Thick Film Resistors achieve the tolerance ±0.1% because of a highly reliability metal glaze. The ERJ-PB Series offer a broad range of part numbers for easy replacement from existing sources. AEC-Q200 Compliance ensures strict quality control standards are being enforced.