Time of Flight (ToF) Camera Sensors

The Panasonic Time of Flight Camera Sensors are small, real-time, sensing Cameras based on the Time-Of-Flight (ToF) principle. Panasonic’s ToF technology instantaneously detects the distance between the Camera and the targeted object or person with depth, infra-red, and RGB color images which are now possible with a single Camera.

  • The GC1 is the indoor use model Time of Flight Camera which offers a field of view of 55°(H) x 41°(V), a 320 x 240 depth resolution, and a frame rate of 24 fps.
  • The latest outdoor use model, the HC4W Time Of Flight Camera also features a field of view of 90°(H) x 70°(V), a 640 x 480 depth resolution, and a frame rate of 30 fps.

Panasonic's Time Of Flight Cameras can be used in various applications including Security, Automotive, Robotics, VR, Gesture Control, Gaming, Logistics, and Volumetric Measurements.

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Time of Flight Principle

ToF Image 2 V2

The Time-of-Flight principle is based on measuring the time it takes for pulsed infrared (IR) light to travel from a source (the Time-of-Flight Camera/Sensor) to an object and back. Based on that data one can instantaneously establish the distance of that object from the source.

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