Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal Management

Thermal Management has long been a battle waged by Design Engineers. As design standards continue to increase, the common methods of heat transfer are failing to address today’s thermal issues. Panasonic is a proud global Thermal Management supplier with a diversified portfolio that can challenge the thermal concerns of today and tomorrow.

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FPGA Capacitor Solutions


Panasonic is the chosen Capacitor Solutions provider for high performance FPGA applications. Polymer Capacitors are the ideal solution for these applications due to their small case sizes, ultra-low ESR and high ripple current capability. Select Panasonic part numbers have been tested and approved into FPGA reference designs and are eligible for design with all FPGA suppliers.

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commercial refrigeration solutions

Commercial Refrigeration

Panasonic manufactures components used within Commercial Refrigeration equipment, including advanced Thermal Insulation, high efficiency Fan Motors and Compressors, Sensors, Controls, and Communication Modules which provide unprecedented levels of service to predict problems and assist in efficiency performance and diagnostics.

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Panasonic Medical Solutions include robust flash memory, products for logging and recording patient data, wireless technology for communication with medical professionals and batteries for portability.

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Panasonic provides industry leading electronic solutions required to meet the extreme high quality and reliability standards required by Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers designing in the automotive, other vehicle and transportation space.

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Data Archiver

“freeze-ray™” is an optical data archive system designed and validated to meet the needs of large scale data centers and enterprise markets. Optical media enables safe storage of critical & valuable data, with data integrity, for a long period of time.

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Lighting Controls

Panasonic offers a solution-based approach by providing a wide variety of electronic components that are perfect lighting controls applications including Capacitors, Bluetooth® modules, Resistors, Sensors and Switches.

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Panasonic solutions for service, industrial and personal robots, are technologies common across many different robot platforms, including battery and power solutions, rugged flash memory, vision and sensing, wireless communication and navigation solutions, and motion control with servo and brushless motors.

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Panasonic offers a solution-based approach by providing a wide variety of electronic components that are perfect for wearable technology including Capacitors, Bluetooth® modules, Connectors, Sensors and Switches.

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