Wireless Connectivity Solutions To Meet All Design Challenges

New Solutions Guide Available, Select From a Wide Range of Technologies such as Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi and More

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable and flexible Wireless Connectivity solution? Look no further than Panasonic. With a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and a focus on design simplicity, Panasonic's Wireless Connectivity Solutions make it easy to choose and implement the best wireless protocol for your needs from a single, world-class supplier. Our RF Modules enable you to quickly implement wireless communication without investing in complex wireless hardware and software design. And with the latest communication protocols and plug-and-play modules for Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Dual Mode, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Combo, Mesh Networking, and more, Panasonic has something to offer every industry, from healthcare to logistics to retail. Experience the benefits of Panasonic's Wireless Connectivity Solutions today! 

Featured NXP Chip Based Modules (Wi-fi, Classic Bluetooth, BLE - Radio Only)

PAN9028 Series Modules

Next Generation Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz and Bluetooth® 5 Combo Modules providing the highest flexibility for Wireless Connectivity.

PAN9026 Series Modules

Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz And Bluetooth® Modules specifically designed for highly integrated and cost-effective applications.

Applications for Wireless Connectivity

Manufactured to facilitate almost any Wireless Connectivity application, Panasonic's Wireless Connectivity solutions allow wireless design engineers to quickly extend communication into their feature set without a comprehensive knowledge base of wireless hardware and software design. Discover today how Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions can link your designs and positively affect the entire design in process.

Industrial IoT

Smart Mesh Network

Smart Home & Building

Asset Tracking

Medical Devices

Patient Monitoring

Panasonic Evaluation Boards & Kits

Accelerate your prototyping and testing by utilizing Panasonic's Evaluation Kits for all your Bluetooth® needs. Whether you're integrating Bluetooth Multi Mode or ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy into your application, Panasonic provides easy to use development boards, complete with software and documentation to get you up and running FAST.  

Discover today why Panasonic RF Modules are the premier choice for reducing design cycle and lowering cost of development!